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How to erase your SSD / HDD using hdparm

I recently had to ship some (used) drives back to the manufacturer. And even though I'm pretty sure the drives will be erased first thing and even though the drives were used in a RAID (actually SHR2 ) set with an encrypted volume and it would be hard, if not impossible, to recover anything from them without my help I'm still never too keen to keep my bits and bytes on drives that are out of my hands. Selling my laptop? Erase drive. Recycling an old workstation? Erase drive. Then use a hammer to whack a screwdriver through the drive or "drop" (rather: throw) the drive on the ground a few times. You never know where a drive ends up and in who's hands. Read more »

WD Red NAS drives use SMR and I'm not happy about it - understatement of the year

If you're into NAS drives then you may have heard that recently word got around that Western Digital's NAS drives, the WD Reds specifically, apparently use SMR - Shingled Magnetic Recording . There's been a lot of fuss about it and I'm not about to repeat it all so that's why I'll provide some links to other sources I came across myself. What this blogpost is about, though, is me documenting what happened after I contacted WD from a customer perspective. Your experience may vary, but what you're about to read is mine . Read more »

🎈 Gele ballon 🎈

MS. Nee, niet Microsoft deze keer. Ik heb het over Multiple Sclerose. Je hebt er vast wel eens van gehoord. MS is geen spierziekte, maar een ziekte van het centrale zenuwstelsel. Het afweersysteem valt de beschermlaag om de zenuwen aan, waardoor deze beschadigt. Zenuwen komen bloot te liggen en geven signalen van en naar de hersenen minder goed door. MS is te behandelen, maar (nog) niet te... Read more »

Handling multiple implementations of an interface with Dependency Injection in .Net Core

When you have an interface with multiple implementations and you don't want to use a 3rd party DI framework, you'll need to work around some limitations of the 'native' DI implementation in .Net Core. Read more »

Swashbuckle custom ordering of controllers

By default, Swagger (or rather: Swashbuckle ) orders the documentation of controllers by controllername. So if you have a FooController, BarController and BazController they will be ordered as Bar, Baz, Foo in the swagger UI. Let's change that. Read more »