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Wait Wait…Tell Me!

Today there are thousands of vacant homes all throughout Detroit. The Motor City has been shrinking since the 1950s, but many of these vacancies stem from a decade ago when the financial crisis devastated the city.

Why isn't SQLite more commonly used for save files or for other user-facing application file formats?

About 8 years ago, we were designing a new routing application at my company, we were migrating a monolithic application running on TPF to be distributed and run on off-the-shelves Linux servers. The subject came upon of what format to use for the configuration.

P1 poort slimme meter uitlezen (hardware)

Op internet zijn legio voorbeelden te vinden hoe je zelf je P1 poort kan uitlezen (zie bronnen onderaan de pagina), hetzij met RS232 USB kabeltjes tot aan de (net)Arduino toe, echter is niet elke methode een garantie voor succes!, omdat de P1 poort een rare seriële instelling heeft daar heb ik inte

A Linux Dev Environment on Windows with WSL 2, Docker Desktop and More

An overview of all of the tools I use on Windows 10 / WSL 2 to have a productive dev environment. Hit the subscribe button to receive more videos like this! --- Timestamps: 1:45 Using the PowerToys app launcher 3:22 Using the new Microsoft Terminal 4:33 Installing and getting set up with WSL 2 u

Fun met Slimme meter

De slimme meters van tegenwoordig hebben een z.g. P1-poort waarmee de meterstand en het actuele verbruik van electriciteit en gas gebruik opgevraagd kan worden. De poort is een seriele poort (RS232) waarin een 6-polig telefoon stekkertje (RJ12) past, echter de signaal nivo's zijn geinverteerd.

Use GitHub actions to publish NuGet packages

One of the most frustrating aspects of maintaining an open source .NET Core library has been publishing the nuget packages on In the world of devops automation, manually creating and uploading packages felt so old-fashioned (don't get me started on Azure Devops).

???????? ???????????? on Twitter

An apology, to my wife: I am sorry, The kids were playing Some sort of cowboy game The five year old Kept yelling ‘Yippee Ki Yay’ I did not think. Instinctively, I Finished the phrase. And now he knows A new word.

The HTTP headers you don't expect

A few days ago, I was poking around Creditkarma's blog and I noticed this HTTP header: 1X-hacker: If you're reading this, you should visit and apply to join the fun, mention this header.

Cheap and easy backups in the cloud

As is well known, there are two types of people: 1. People who do backup 2. People who will start doing backup. Let us guess, you still have some project with your data or even data of your application users without a backup? Why you don't do it:

From WCF to gRPC - Mark Rendle

gRPC is a high-performance messaging protocol that is ideal for communication between microservices and other clients on internal networks. It's the ideal replacement for WCF or .NET Remoting, which are not supported on .NET Core. In this talk, I'll explain the different models that gRPC enables, f

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