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Digital Show & Tell

Continuing the "firehose" tradition of maximum information density, Xiph.Org's second video on digital media explores multiple facets of digital audio signals and how they really behave in the real world.

Passwords Evolved: Authentication Guidance for the Modern Era

In the beginning, things were simple: you had two strings (a username and a password) and if someone knew both of them, they could log in. Easy. We're talking back in the 60's here so a fair bit has happened since then.

How to securely hash passwords?

If I hash passwords before storing them in my database, is that sufficient to prevent them being recovered by anyone? Of course any form of hash will not prevent those attacks.

My Logging Practices

The Difference Between URLs and URIs

There are many classic tech debates, and the question of what to formally call web addresses is one of the most nuanced. The way this normally manifests is someone asks for the “URL” to put into his or her browser, and someone perks up with,

Linux utils that you might not know

I’ve used Linux as my primary operating system for well over ten years, yet I still stumble upon things that are completely unknown to me. For example, several days ago, I wanted to display a formated table in my terminal.

Reckon you've seen some stupid security things? Here, hold my beer...

Naturally, I passed it on because let's face it, that's some crazy shit going on right there. To which the Twitters responded with equal parts abject horror and berating comments for not having already identified this as a joke circulating on Reddit. But here's the thing - it's feasible.

SOLID Principles in a glance

If you are making changes to the same Class for different type of requirements you are doing it wrong. Code should be open for extension and closed for modification.

Don’t Hash Secrets

Building secure systems is difficult. It would be nice if we had a bunch of well-designed crypto building blocks that we could assemble in all sorts of ways and be certain that they would, no matter what, yield a secure system overall.

95% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs, claims report

NEW DELHI: Talent shortage is acute in the IT and data science ecosystem in India with a survey claiming that 95% of engineers in the country are not fit to take up software development jobs. According to a study by employability assessment company Aspiring Minds, only 4.

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