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Creating a simple data-driven CRUD microservice

This section outlines how to create a simple microservice that performs create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on a data source. From a design point of view, this type of containerized microservice is very simple.

One Bite At A Time: Partitioning Complexity

I was the third best programmer on our senior practicum team of five. Bret and Kevin could both code circles around me. They could both hold ridiculous amounts of complexity in their heads.

Behind the 'Bad Indian Coder'

An ongoing debate about the quality of outsourced code prompts a look at the country’s precarious economic and educational picture.

Things you wanted to know about storing passwords but were afraid to ask

Security breaches are very common. To make matters worse, when it comes to users’ passwords it is frequent that no reasonable precautions were taken to ensure that they can’t be easily extracted from the breached data.

SOLID Deconstruction - Kevlin Henney

The SOLID principles are often presented as being core to good code design practice. Each of S, O, L, I and D do not, however, necessarily mean what programmers expect they mean or are taught. By understanding this range of beliefs we can learn more about practices for objects, components and interf

Ten features from various modern languages that I would like to see in any programming language

Lately I have been studying some modern languages, such as Reason, Swift, Kotlin and Dart. I got excited by many of the features they offer. Many of those features I had never read or heard of before. Today, I want to share with you the 10 features that I would like to see in any language.

Develop (and test) a dockerized, PostgreSQL backed, ASP.NET Core microservice in less than an hour

These days a .NET developer can create, test and deploy powerful software without breaking sweat. Writing a scalable, easily deployable performant ASP.NET Core microservice is easier than ever.

Why does one NGINX worker take all the load?

Scaling up TCP servers is usually straightforward. Most deployments start by using a single process setup. When the need arises more worker processes are added. This is a scalability model for many applications, including HTTP servers like Apache, NGINX or Lighttpd.

C# - Make C# More Dynamic with Hyperlambda

Traditionally, there have been just two types of programming languages: statically compiled languages and dynamically interpreted languages.

F# introduction for my coworkers A quick, dirty, and mostly wrong introduction to F#

This is a quick introduction to F# some essential features we use in our project at work. I've written this for my coworkers with little to no experience in F# or functional programming to get them up to speed on the basics needed to read, understand and contribute to our projects.

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