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Polly is a .NET resilience and transient-fault-handling library that allows developers to express policies such as Retry, Circuit Breaker, Timeout, Bulkhead Isolation, and Fallback in a fluent and thread-safe manner. Polly targets .NET Standard 1.1 (coverage: .NET Framework 4.5-4.6.1, .NET Core 1.

Sysinternals Video Library

Sysinternals Video Library. Thanks to Mark Russinovich and David Solomon for giving me permissions to upload these. We’re both okay with you posting them.

10 Best FREE Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

These are 10 of the best free Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Adobe’s Creative Cloud offers a great set of apps for creators of all levels. With plans starting at around $10 per month and going up from there depending on which plan you choose; the costs can add up. I

Trouble hiring senior engineers? It's probably you

Undeniably, hiring senior software engineers is hard. However, I don’t buy into the narrative that the market is completely dried out.

A brief history of the UUID

Today we’re releasing ksuid, a Golang library for unique ID generation. It borrows core ideas from the ubiquitous UUID standard, adding time-based ordering and more friendly representation formats.

Everything you should know about certificates and PKI but are too afraid to ask

Certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI) are hard. No shit, right? I know a lot of smart people who’ve avoided this particular rabbit hole. Personally, I avoided it for a long time and felt some shame for not knowing more.

A history of the Amiga, part 12: Red vs. Blue

Debuting at MAGfest this weekend, new film gathers devs and fans across Amiga decades.

Custom Model Binders in Core

Custom Model Binders are a super helpful tool in “binding” a view model in unconventinal ways. There are a few reasons you may find yourself using a custom model binder. We will be focussing on the first reason as it’s the easiest to demonstrate.

F# spoiled me, or why I don’t enjoy C# anymore

This was my primary language, every time I compared it to other popular languages I was happy I accidentally chose it.

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