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Welcome to the Blazor preview docs website!

Blazor is an experimental .NET web framework using C# and HTML that runs in the browser. What is Blazor?

System.IO.Pipelines: High performance IO in .NET

System.IO.Pipelines is a new library that is designed to make it easier to do high performance IO in .NET. It’s a library targeting .NET Standard that works on all .NET implementations. Pipelines was born from the work the .

Readable Code

Can you read the code you wrote today, last week, last year? The positive impact authoring readable code can have on your career can be enormous. We spend far more time reading code than writing it. So how can we turn this to our benefit? We’ll explore actionable techniques that will enable you to

Railway Oriented Programming

Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × Railway Oriented Programming 1. Railway Oriented Programming A functional approach to error handling What do railways have to do with programming? 2.

The real power of Linux executables – Own your bits

What happens when a file gets executed in Linux? What does it mean that a file is executable? Can we only execute compiled binaries? What about shell scripts then? If I can execute shell scripts, what else can I execute? In this article we will try to answer those questions.

A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS – Mozilla Hacks : the Web developer blog

Threats to users’ privacy and security are growing. At Mozilla, we closely track these threats. We believe we have a duty to do everything we can to protect Firefox users and their data. We’re taking on the companies and organizations that want to secretly collect and sell user data.

Machine Learning Crash Course

Machine Learning Crash Course features a series of lessons with video lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on practice exercises.

VS Code: The Last Editor You'll Ever Need

VS Code is a cross platform editor from Microsoft that combines the speed and simplicity of a code editor with the great code editing and debugging experiences normally only found in heavy IDEs. VS Code downloads and installs in under a minute complete with deep JavaScript, Node, CSS/LESS/SASS suppo

?Julia Evans? on Twitter

what's an awesome Linux/unix command that you wish someone had told you about earlier?

Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin' Life (Best Intro Into Graph Databases)

## WTF is a graph database- Euler and Graph Theory- Math -- it's hard, let's skip it- It's about data -- lots of it- But let's zoom in and look at the basics## Relational model vs graph model- How do we represent THINGS in DBs- Relational vs Graph- Nodes and Relationships## Why use a graph over a re

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