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Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)

This video visually demonstrates some basic quantum physics concepts using the simple case of a free particle. All the simulations here are based on real equations and laws. See more information here: mathematics involved was taken from this excellent book

Fundamentals of Fast Bulk IO

The simplest way for a program to read/write a chunk of file is to allocate a buffer for the data, issue a request to the OS and then sit there and wait until it is fullfiled. Once the data is in (or out), proceed to the next step.

Best 15 Unix Command Line Tools

Here are some of the unix command line tools which we feel make our hands faster and lives easier. Let’s go through them in this post and make sure to leave a comment with your favourite!

Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up

If you ask anyone who knows me, I’m probably the biggest Apple fan they know. Ask for a suggestion of what computer to get, and I’ll almost certainly either tell you the MacBook Pro, or to wait, because Apple is about to update its hardware finally.

Writing good code: how to reduce the cognitive load of your code

Low bug count, good performance, easy modification. Good code is high-impact, and is perhaps the main reason behind the existence of the proverbial 10x developer. And yet, despite it’s importance, it eludes new developers.

Many SQL Performance Problems Stem from “Unnecessary, Mandatory Work”

Probably the most impactful thing you could learn about when writing efficient SQL is indexing. A very close runner-up, however, is the fact that a lot of SQL clients demand tons of “unnecessary, mandatory work” from the database.

How Modern SQL Databases Come up with Algorithms that You Would Have Never Dreamed Of by Lukas Eder

SQL is the only ever successful, mainstream, and general-purpose 4GL (Fourth Generation Programming Language) and it is awesome!With modern cost based optimisation, relational databases like Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL finally keep up to the promise of a powerful declarative programming model by

A Programmer’s Introduction to Unicode – Nathan Reed’s coding blog

Unicode! ???????? ?????????????! ? The very name strikes fear and awe into the hearts of programmers worldwide.

How many floating-point numbers are in the interval [0,1]?

Most commodity processors support single-precision IEEE 754 floating-point numbers. Though they are ubiquitous, they are often misunderstood.

Let’s Corrupt a SQL Server Database Together, Part 1: Clustered Indexes

Hold my beer. Now, let’s corrupt it. Open it with a hex editor – my personal favorite is the free xvi32 because it doesn’t require installation. Just download it, fire it up (you’ll want to run it as administrator), and open the database’s MDF file:

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