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VS Code: The Last Editor You'll Ever Need

VS Code is a cross platform editor from Microsoft that combines the speed and simplicity of a code editor with the great code editing and debugging experiences normally only found in heavy IDEs. VS Code downloads and installs in under a minute complete with deep JavaScript, Node, CSS/LESS/SASS suppo

?Julia Evans? on Twitter

what's an awesome Linux/unix command that you wish someone had told you about earlier?

Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin' Life (Best Intro Into Graph Databases)

## WTF is a graph database- Euler and Graph Theory- Math -- it's hard, let's skip it- It's about data -- lots of it- But let's zoom in and look at the basics## Relational model vs graph model- How do we represent THINGS in DBs- Relational vs Graph- Nodes and Relationships## Why use a graph over a re

Thinking Outside the Synchronisation Quadrant - Kevlin Henney

Ask programmers what comes to mind when you say concurrency and most are likely to say threads. Ask what comes to mind when you say threads and most are likely to say locks or synchronisation.These assumptions are so deeply held that they define and constrain how programmers are taught and think abo

ITT 2016 - Kevlin Henney - Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers

Habits help you manage the complexity of code. You apply existing skill and knowledge automatically to the detail while focusing on the bigger picture. But because you acquire habits largely by imitation, and rarely question them, how do you know your habits are effective? Many of the habits that pr

The goal of this document is to help operational teams with the configuration of OpenSSH server and client. All Mozilla sites and deployment should follow the recommendations below. The Enterprise Information Security (Infosec) team maintains this document as a reference guide.

Giving the ValuesController superpowers with SignalR Core

With .NET Core 2.1 approaching very soon one of the most exciting additions (along with many others) is the release of SignalR Core. The original SignalR for ASP.NET was a powerful client-server library for creating real-time web applications, however with the release of ASP.

Mapping the whole internet with Hilbert curves

The internet is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think the /22 you got as a LIR was big, but that’s just peanuts to the internet. Well, actually, it wasn’t in the long run, that’s why we need IPv6.

Enterprise Programming Tricks For Clean Code

It is all too easy to dismiss problematic codebases on some nebulous idea of bad practice or bad programmers. Poor code, however, is rarely arbitrary and random in its structure or formulation. Systems of code, well or poorly structured, emerge from systems of practice, whether effective or ineffect

Performance Improvements in .NET Core 2.1

Back before .NET Core 2.0 shipped, I wrote a post highlighting various performance improvements in .NET Core 2.0 when compared with .NET Core 1.1 and the .NET Framework. As .NET Core 2.

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