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Implementing Authentication and Authorization with ASP.NET Core 2 - Chris Klug

Authentication and authorization is not a fun topic for most people. It is generally that thing that has to be there, but nobody really cares about. And on top of that, every time the requirements are a little different. And every time we have to figure out how to write all the plumbing to get it do

Dependency Injection revisited - Mark Seemann

Over the last decade, Dependency Injection has moved from obscurity into the realm of something that every library and framework must address. During the same time, functional programming has gathered much interest. Dependency Injection is an attempt to control non-deterministic behaviour, but the w

The State of C# - What Have I Missed - Filip Ekberg

One of the most popular programming language on the market is getting even better. With every iteration of C# we get more and more features that are meant to make our lives as developers a lot easier. Support for writing (hopefully) better and more readable asynchronous code, being able to do patter

C# 8 - Jon Skeet and Mads Torgersen

Just in case the stream of C# 7 point releases hasn't given you enough to think about, let's have a look at what might be in C# 8.Nullable reference types? Shapes? Extension everything? One thing's for sure: this talk won't be pinned down until it's being delivered...

Introduction to Software Architecture

This lecture, recorded at the University of Colorado Boulder in September 2012, is an introduction to the major concepts of software architecture. The audience consisted of 70 seniors majoring in computer science. It is based on material taken from the book Just Enough Software Architecture.Most d

The Argument for WCF Hosting in .NET Core

Key Takeaways This article attempts to answer the question "Should Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Hosting be Supported in .

Mod and Remainder are not the Same

Get ready, here comes some fringe pedantry that could very well be the difference in an interview, or the thing that saves you from hours of chasing a production bug!

Task, Async Await, ValueTask, IValueTaskSource and how to keep your sanity in modern .NET world

C# and .NET went through a lot of changes in recent years. First, came Task Parallel Library. Later, async-await made everyone adding Async suffix to their methods and putting a lot of awaits.

Cost of a Join

How expensive is a join?

[EN] How does Two-Factor Authentication - 2FA work?

We often hear that if a website supports two-factor authentication, it is worth to enable it for our account. That’s what security people use to say. But how does it work? Why does it increase the security of our account so much? Today's episode is all about it.I will outline how the "Time-based O

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